Escape Room as Team Building?

Is worth it to book an Escape Room for team building?


Ah team buildings, the once or twice a year occasion where you can relax with your colleagues after a beer or two.  Finally you can really say to everyone what you really think of them or tell em how much you have always hated them…


But, nevertheless it is a really good occasion to participate in something fun, preferably an activity that requires team effort.


This is where Escape Rooms come in. There are some really different challenges a team must overcome if they want to get out in time or better yet.... Set a New Record.


Skill games, critical thinking, searching are just some aspects of a good escape room and in our  case they will also emerge in the immerse story we have created. Fun, fun fun.


If your team like to play games, or better yet you want them to compete with each other, then look no further.


What is also a huge added bonus, is the fact that the games are really inexpensive and don’t take up too much of your time. So you can have competitions between teams and still hit the bars/ restaurants in Budapest.


The way we can make it even more fun, is to measure how long it takes for each team to complete the quests, how many hints have they used,  so at the end we you can declare the winning team and they ll get the first round of ice cold beer or something like that.


Still, if you are intrigued to organize your Team Building while in Budapest, don’t hesitate to contact us.

We will make it happen and glory shall be yours.