Escape Rooms and Stag Dos & Hen Dos

Escape Room Challenges are the perfect activity when you are visiting Budapest for a Stag do or a Hen do. You and your team have to use logic, skills common sense and some snooping around if you are to beat the game in time.

Why are they so great?

First of all, its really inexpensive. Award winning rooms can be played for as little as €45 per team. (2-6 persons per team) Meaning that an average stag or hen do, consisting of 10 members can have an ace activity for as little as €90 not to bad eh? That’s  as little as 9 euros per person.


Second, it is a great chance for some friendly competitions. As the teams can race each other, it’s a great chance for some banter and some real thrill. We can take into account that how long it took each team to complete the game as well as how many clues have they used. We can also make sure you get rooms that are equally hard. So the game is on.


Third point, this is a great place where you can show of you Stag Costumes or Hen costumes. We are not judging anyone plus there is a great selfi machine where you can take the team pictures that you will not be too embarrassed to show to the family at home.


Last but not least,  this is an activity for the day, so if you are worried that your stag weekend/ hen weekend will be mainly consisting of drinks and drinks then this is a great chance to force the beer bottles out of the hands of the lads/ lasses and make them enjoy a great Budapest activity that does not include any alcohol.


Of course that was a lie, if you need Beers or some finger food, just drop us a line and we will cater for your every needs.