Murder Mysteries

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IF YOU ARE NOT 18+, I do not recommend to read this article.

I am 100% sure that us, this strange mob that like to play escape games are all like minded people. I belive there are more than a few things that We all like to do.
I am sure we all like to play games, be it board games, consoles poker, or even team sports.

BUT I am also 100% sure that we are all drawn to the mysterious and dark things of the World as well.

Well, as I think that is a safe bet, here I am writing to you about the top 5 Unsolved Murder Mysteries of the World:


Jon Benét Ramsey – this 6 year old little girl`s disappernace left everyone shocked and still guessing, whatever could have happened to her?

Born into a really wealthy family, she was well known form early age, for winning numerous beauty contests as a child. On the christmas eve of 1996 she has been kidnapped, but was later found by her own father, dead.

According to police report the family has spent the night away visting friends. Once they were already on the way home the 6 year old was fast asleep in the car already. Her father took her to her room in his own hands, once they got back to the house.. Next morning around 5am the mother was up and once she went to the kitchen to fetch some coffee,she has found a long hand written letter. It was from kidnappers, demanding money in order release her. 

They have demanded 118.000 dollars delivered to them next day.

The family has called the police right away, however the policemen arriving at the crime scene have committed all the errors possilbe when searching the house: they have not closed the house and the perimeters, then once the father has found the little girls corpse in the basement of their own house, he has hugged the corpse, thus removing it from the original position. That is understandable though.. However because of that it was impossible to re-enact the act ,all attempts ended up fruitless. The police first accussed the family members, however later those allegations have been dropped, as they have found the DNA of a unknown person on the panties of the little girl. The police was suspecting maybe a friend or a neighbour of the family, as the amount of money they asked for was exactly the same amount as the yearly bonus the father has recieved from the company he has worked for.

According to police report the little girl was bashed in the head with a blunt object and later, sexually assaulted. After the murder of the little girl, the killer has written the letter and left through the front door. There are more than a few theories circuling around the world, about what could have happened. The parents are on and off on the possible list of suspects, but so far noone could bring hard evidence against them. After studing the corpse, they could not 100% agree weather any sexual intercourse has happened or not , however the fresh wounds on the body suggests that the killer was toying with her. And smaller, older scars all over her body suggets that someone has been harrassing her constantly in the past. Perphaps it could have been her brother that caused both old and new wounds on her body? The Ramsay Case is still open, no activie investagion taking place right now. Noone knows what could have happened to the little girl, or who could have done it?