Murder Mysteries #2

Hello there, its us again.

This is  the second issue of Mystery Murders of the month! Please read carefully as I am pretty sure many of you are already familiar with our next case


The ZODIAC KILLER – the scariest serial killer that ever walked the earth.

The Zodiac killer was killing his victims around the 70s and 80s: he was killing young girls, boys and couples alike. He quickly became an acedemic issue to study, due to his strange letters that he left behind, sometimes he sent them directly to the police,sometimes to news agencies. In these letters he usually written about details of the murderers that only the killers could have known Couple of his victims got off the hook and survived his attack, but all of the survivers have discribed a different man to the officials. More than2500 suspects has been brought to questioning, but up until this day, noone has captured the infamous ZODICAC KILLER.

Stay tuned for more peeps.