Motel Room

~ 1 hours

A Motel Room Where Nobody wants to stay longer than 60 minutes....

Not a single person stays longer than 60 minutes here ,alive. You took it upon yourselves to investigate the mystery surrounding this curious Motel Complex. Once you have arrived, the local tell you about the numerous suicides that happened in this cursed place. 

Could it be possible that the people who have vanished here did not commit suicide after all? And more importantly, can you solve the riddles and get out of here alive? 

- Time to solve: 60 mins

- Multiple Rooms 

- Recommended clothes: Something Comfy 

- Suggested Age: 12+ 

- No Jump Scares

- Basic English is a Must 

- Logical Puzzles: 60%

- Team Work: 25%

- Hidden Elements : 5% 

- Skill Puzzles: 10% 


€ 45,00

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