Research Base

1 hour

Super Hight tech escape room! Not locks, just the most tech savvy solutions. If you love escape games, you will love our newest game.

As double agents working in Moscow you have got the tipp off that there is this secret government base somewhere in the hearth of Russia. They are storing something of great value there, you have put together a team to infiltrate the facility. However there is something you have not counted on, alarm bells are ringing and you have 1 hour to complete the mission. No time to waste! 

- Lenght of the game: 60 mins

- Recommended Cloth: Something Comfy

- Recommended Age: 14+ 

- Multiple Rooms Game

- No scare pranks

- Basic English is a Must

- Logical Puzzles:55%

- Team Work:35%

- Hidden Elements: 5%

- Skill Puzzles: 5%

€ 45,00

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