Secret Lab

1 hour

If you like escape rooms and want some real challange this is your escape room.

You have left Budapest to relocate to a smaller village. It was a real good decision. Life treating you well, the locals are super nice. However everyone seems to be talking about this abandoned house on the side of the village. Weird shadows are coming and going at the wrong time of the night. You have dared eachother to take a look inside, that was a mistake you wont forget....

- Lenght of the game: 60 min

- Recommended Cloth: Something Comfy

- Recommended Age: 14+ 

- No scare Pranks

- Multiple Rooms Game

- Basic English is a Must 

- Logical Puzzles: 60%

- Hidden Elements: 5%

- Team Work: 25%

- Skill Puzzles: 10%

€ 45,00

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