Serial Killer 1

1 hour

The Scotland yard had to ask for the best detectives from Budapest. In this escape game you guys are helping the police to track down a psycho killer What is certain that he has already killer 3 inocent women and you think a 4th is in grave danger. But you ll be damned before you let that happen, this is personal. You came to catch the guy. Follow the clues and put him behind bars, where he belongs. 

- Lenght of the game: 60 min

- Multiple Rooms Game

- Recommended Cloths: Somehting Comfy

- Recommended Age: 12+ 

- No scare pranks 

- Language independent

- Logical Puzzles: 50% 

- Team Work: 25% 

- Hidden elements: 10%

- Skill Puzzles: 5% 

€ 45,00

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