~ 1 hour

Its really not nice being sick. Especially if you cannot leave the hospital. 

You are all med students. You have arrived to Budapest for a conference, which was perfect. However the best thing was that the lecturer has liked you so much that he invited you and the group for some drinks. Little did you know that it was mistake to accept the invitation. You wake up in an abadoned surgery room, with no memories what so ever. Can you escape in time? Untold horrors are coming your way, so better hurry up! 

- Lenght of the game: 60 min 

- Multiple Room Game

- Recommended Wear: Somehting Comfy

- Recommended Age: 12+ 

- No scare pranks

- Language independent 

- Logical Puzzles : 74%

- Team Work: 15% 

- Hidden Elements: 1% 

- Skill Puzzles: 10% 

€ 45,00

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